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Project Objective

The project's prompt was to design a given poem in a creative and conceptual manner utilizing the broadside format. This project included poems of marginalized poets of Color and also some poems made by children from the Cali Kids Medical  Foundation. I choose to design from the Children's batch because I wanted to do something fun and I wanted to meet the kids that made the poems as well.

Design Process

I started with different ideas for this, I wanted to draw a bear but wasn't sure what my approach could be. I wanted something minimalistic yet fun for a kid to see. Didn't wanted the poem to look very busy so that the worst could be appreciated. I also chose typography that looked like a kid's handrwritting to make it look a bit informal. 





















I ended up drawing 2 simple drawings that related some characters talked about in the poem and also added some Reese's pieces in the poem to give it a little bit more color.
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