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Melissa Jacome is a binational fashion blogger, San Diego and Tijuana based. She is the founder of @meljacome and She is a content creator and Graphic designer.


I started this page in 2017 as a personal project for gaining experience and creating content and has converted into a way to showcase what I love to do: Fashion, Photography and Graphic design. 


I had some time for myself and decided that I should pursue something that I was really passionate about. For me, it’s not about "It looks amazing but I can’t afford fashion". It's clothing you can actually wear more than a couple of times and will make you feel good about yourself; the everyday brands and some budget-friendly items.


My purpose for this blog is to make your life easier. I know life can get a little hectic and stressing out is an everyday thing. I’ll let you know what is worth the splurge and how to stay on a budget, cause hey! who doesn’t love a little money saving, am I right?


I hope I can help you get inspired by my everyday life tips and tricks and help you connect with yourself. 


Be bold, feel good and especially do what YOU love. You are not alone in this babe. 

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