Project Objective

This project was about creating a guide that contains information about a topic I was passionate about. I choose to do all top-notch restaurants at the Baja that I love.

The app was designed for a complete user experience, helping the user create a day trip to Baja and have everything in one app. This app is created to lift tourism in Mexico, specifically in Baja California. 

Design Process

I enjoyed the process of choosing the style and the colors that I was going to use. I wanted to see modern, clean, and girly reflected in the design.




























I decided to use minimalistic designs and a fun yet elegant logo in the front to depict the girly mood that I was trying to convey. I ended up with the title #EATPRAYWINE because I felt it could be a fun way to describe the passion guide.


Untitled_Artwork 24.png
App- Baja Tour_guide.png
MelissaJacome_APP final templates-01.png