Project Objective

The objective of this assignment was to create a book cover for a famous couple using Adobe Illustrator. The design was meant to be a symbolic interpretation of their relationship revealing hidden characteristics of the couple. For this project 

Penguin Books was a fictitious publisher so the colors were limited to orange, black, and white.

Design Process

I chose  Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. This couple is quite out of its time. The marriage between Queen Victoria of England and Prince Albert was very passionate and did not fit the normal standards of society in those days. This is what makes their love story perfect to interpret in this project.

The first step was to create a list of adjectives that represented each character and another list describing their relationship.

He had to pick out 3 adjectives that were the most representative and pick objects that represented them.

I sketched those objects and after picking my favorite solution, with the help of classmates, I made a digital sketch using Procreate to see how the image would look with color.

I designed the book cover in Indesign and re-designed the original sketch in Adobe Illustrator. Lastly, I used a mockup book cover to view the final result. 















I ended up choosing the chess piece that represented Victoria as a loyal obedient dog, but with the shadow of a Queen. Over time, Prince Albert began to take more and more responsibility for Victoria because her pregnancies and occupations as a mother forced her to step aside. The queen had mixed feelings: she admired him but at the same time resented him for having stripped her of her powers. So this is why the representation of the Queen as a chess piece also plays a crucial role in the design.