Surviving Europe with a Carry On

Tips and tricks for an amazing Euro-trip vacation with just a carry on.

I suffered so much because I had to pack everything in a small suitcase for 2 weeks! Since I traveled during Spring Break most of the places we went to were still super cold, so I had to pack a lot of sweaters and layers to keep me warm and it's not easy because a small carry on can only fit so much.


This is the carry on I took with me. 21 inches. I strongly recommend for you to check each and every airlines baggage policies; some let you take a carry on and your handbag and others just the carry on and no handbag.


Choose 2 statement coats or jackets you want to take, make sure they will keep you warm. You will be using them and reusing them during your whole trip. I wish I could have been able to take more than 2 coats because honestly those are the ones that are going to be seen throughout your whole trip photos. I took a black furry coat and a long navy coat, but guess what! The navy coat was double sided, so i had 3 coats! I bought in on Zara and I highly recommend for you to search for something like that. It helps out with the styling so much! I traveled with my boyfriend so I stole one or two items, like the gray coat that I'm wearing, a little bit oversized but work likes a charm.


They can help you get organized each and every time you pack and unpack. They are great because you can actually fit more stuff than you actually thought you could. They help out in squishing everything inside the bag.

These are the ones that I bought on amazon.


If you want to go shopping, Spain is your go to place. I'm a sucker for shopping. Even though I should be in museums I need to take a few hours to go shopping to every place that I go to. I have bought amazing pieces while traveling that I still use to this day. But a huge recommendation from me is end up in Spain. If you don't have enough space for buying clothes throughout your trip, let Spain be your last stop and shop there. They have really great prices and stores. You can actually buy another backpack on Primark for a very cheap price. I love Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Sfera, Mango and Primark.

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