3 Outfits: Snake Print Mules

Shopping consciously has never been my strong suit but I have been trying to shop with a purpose for a few months now. I really love using and reusing items that are comfortable and also make me feel confident and fashion forward.

I do believe that with a little creativity, you can use your items worth!

So for these mules, I really thought about it.

I've been meaning to buy some sandals or comfy mules for a while so I saw these and immediately pictured myself in 3 outfits with them (this is how I convinced myself into buying them lol).

And let me tell you...so far I have used them all week!

"86 percent of women own at least one pair of shoes that they've never worn." -Huffpost

Can you relate? Cause I can! I have had shoes that look so pretty in my closet but I never end up taking them out for a spin. Sometimes they are uncomfortable, they are too shiny, too dull, got them on sale and I don't like how they look anymore, or are just plain cool but do not fit my style anymore.

We need to be careful with what we buy *note to self* because we can get distracted by shiny new designs and new seasonal pieces and end up buying the trendy pieces that we will only use once.

I do think these would look amazing with a dress or a skirt but it's been freezing in San Diego, so I'll just wait a little bit to post some Summer outfits with these mules!

Let me know what you think on the comments below and add your instahandle or blog. Would love to get to know you.

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