Places to Travel: Loreto

Loreto Baja California Sur

It's been one of the most pleasant beach experiences I've had in a long time.

Cheap direct tickets from Tijuana

We bought our ticket last minute so It wasn't super cheap. But I know some friends visited this town before me and bought their tickets a month in advance and they were $100 dlls round trip. If you are in San Diego, you can actually purchase a ticket to cross the border without getting out of the airport. The CBX express is a great way to travel without the hassle of getting a ride to Tijuana or to San Diego, works both ways and there is no need to wait in line.

Rent a Car

I would recommend for you to rent a car to visit the town and to move around. Taxi's weren't seen much so they are pretty expensive and Uber does not exist in this little town.

Take a tour to an island

I took a tour to Isla del Carmen and Isla Danzante. They had precious clear water and an amazing scenery. I didn't get to hop on another tour for Isla Coronado, but I know that is another must visit place if you are visiting Loreto.

Shop and eat in Downtown Loreto.

The town was so quiet and peaceful, it kind of feels like a ghost town, but in a great way.

Visit the Mission, and the little shops around it. Loreto is the perfect place to relax and just hang out without worrying about having to make an itinerary, just go with the flow. I do have to say that If you want to party you won't find a cool place that closes after 10 pm.

Also, If you like seafood, try the special Saturday buffet they have on a hotel/restaurant called Oasis (If you don't like seafood they also have BBQ ribs and chicken).

This is for sure another hidden paradise in Mexico!

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